The Best metal detector for kids

Are your kids naturally curious? Let me share a secret that keeps adventurous juveniles busy with discovery. Metal detecting is one of the best hobbies you could introduce to your kids. It tames their wild nature and harnesses the benefits of their curiosity.

Metal detecting keeps your kids physically active, and they also:

  • Learn precious history
  • Experience the adventure of discovery
  • Pick up skills and knowledge relevant to academic studies
  • Unearth valuable treasures lost underground
  • Keep too busy to do drugs
  • Don’t demand too much of your attention


Getting a metal detector for your kids and teens is a smart investment. However, kids and young adults can get choosy. They can ignore the pricey metal detector you got for them. Thus, you need to determine the best metal detector for kids.

The best metal detector for kids depends on various factors. No one size fits all in this consideration and it would be helpful to be thoughtful. You have to understand the particular needs of the child receiving it.

In this article, I’ll help you determine the best metal detector for your kid’s needs.


Four Things to Consider and Look for Kids Metal Detectors

1. Your Child’s Age/ Skill Level

Children are genetically different, even siblings. Thus, kids of the same age will look different and have varying sizes. Some will be taller and others shorter. However, kids of the same age will always have similar mental skills.

For example, toddlers learn to walk before they can ride bikes. Likewise, older kids will be more skilled in walking and handling metal detectors than toddlers.

When you’re buying metal detectors for kids, you need to consider their age, which affects their ability to pick up skills. Moreover, you also need to think about their skill levels in treasure hunting.


2. The Length and Weight of the Metal Detector

When you buy a metal detector for your kids, it’s important to consider the length and weight. You also need to think about their height and arm span to handle the device easily. Some metal detectors are size-adjustable to suit the growth curve of your kids over time.

When considering the length of the metal detector, you should be mindful of the size difference in adults and kids. For example, adults might want 12-inch or 14-inch coils because they’re taller than your child.

Size adjustability: There are various types of adjustable coils that come with most metal detectors on the market today. The most commonly used sizes are 11 inches and 13 inches long. Other popular sizes among minorities include different lengths like 26 or 32 inches.

The same is true for weight; some people are stronger than others. It wouldn’t make sense to buy them the lighter version if their children can carry heavier items without much difficulty!

Avoid getting the wrong length and weight when buying metal detectors for your kids. It could ruin their user experience and drive them away from this productive hobby. Kids need to find it easy and fun to use metal detectors to find lost treasures buried underground.

A metal detector should be lightweight and suitable for the child’s height. It also needs to come in an adjustable size that will fit them as they grow up.

The weight of a metal detector shouldn’t be more than two pounds, but it should still have enough power to detect metals in-ground, like silver coins and gold jewelry, from about ten feet away under dry conditions.

Remember, the effectiveness of the detector matters more than getting the perfect size/weight. Your children might not care if their device is heavy or light so long as it finds what they want!

The best choice between these variables should depend on how physically strong your kid is. Remember, the hobby includes carrying around heavy objects all day in search of buried treasures.


3. Control Simplicity of the Metal Detector

When you buy metal detectors for kids, this is one of the most crucial factors. It’s all about ease-of-use and control simplicity for them!

A detector should be easy to use in terms of adjusting it up or down, depending on your child’s height. It means that there are two kinds of settings – adjustable coil length (e.g., 11 inches) and ground balance adjustment (if applicable.)

Plus, they need a variety of sensitivity levels so as not to get overwhelmed with background noise. Moreover, the device itself needs to have an easy-grip handle for children who might have small hands. The youngest kids may need simplified controls, even at the cost of extra features.

Remember, they’re just curious kids looking to have fun. They don’t need premium features for their kids’ metal detectors.

In addition, make sure there’s something they can use it for other than treasure hunting. Some detectors come with games like ‘fishing’ or ‘hunting.’ They keep kids engaged and give them a chance to try new skills!


4. Metal Detector Key Features for Kids

When you buy metal detectors for your children, they need to have these two features: a built-in digging tool and an automatic shut-off.


  • A Built-In Digging Tool

This feature will help them dig as deep or shallow as possible depending on the terrain while hunting in their backyard. The sooner they get close to what’s buried underground, the better! It’ll keep them motivated and excited about treasure hunting day after day!


  • An Automatic Shut-Off Feature

When it comes time to hunt down hidden treasures in unexplored territories at night, this is key because kids are more likely than adults to drop their detector when being startled by strange noises coming from bushes around them.

They should be able to turn off the device with a simple press of the button.


Other features that make kids love metal detectors:

  • Some include a carrying bag

It’s perfect for taking their device to different places.


  • Some have interchangeable coils

Your kid can swap the coil in and out depending on the environment (e.g., beach sand vs. dry land.)


  • some come with an LED torchlight

Kids can see what’s buried underground during nighttime treasure hunts!


Kids Detectorists Terms, Terminology, and tools

1. Beeping

Metal detectors beep or give a signal when they detect metal.

Kid detectorists should notice the beeping to know what’s found and its depth. Underground objects are detected with more depth than coins in water, grass, or sand on top of ground level.

Metal detectors can also ring bells that help kids identify where an item has been found by pointing them towards the area of its origin.


There are three different levels for this type of sound:

  1. High tone
  2. Medium tone
  3. Low tone rings (sometimes called chimes)


If you hear two tones simultaneously, you’ve likely found some gold! The frequency will vary depending on the size and conductivity properties of your find.


2. Search coil

The search coil is the part of a metal detector that detects electromagnetic fields.

Search coils come in different sizes and shapes, but all do the same job—sensing for metals buried underground or underwater.

There are two types:

  1. Disc-shaped (also called the pot)
  2. Linear-shaped (called an elliptical loop)


Search coils can make or break the fun for your kids. They are essential components to the fun and success of your metal detecting experience, so make sure they are comfortable enough for kids.

For example, the shape of the search coil determines the size of the area that to cover. Find shapes that cover a lot of ground without taking too much space. They’ll affect the sweeping motions of the detector.


3. Handheld wand

The handheld metal detector wand is one of the most popular tools for kids. It has a long, thin shape, and you can use it to find coins in water or sand on the ground.

It’s also helpful for detecting metals that large detectors can’t find, like gold nuggets in dense soil due.

The key consideration when picking handheld wands for kids is making sure they’re lightweight. However, you also need to consider effectiveness because kids eventually desire to detect metals at deeper depths.

Larger detectors could be more suitable for kids because they could cover a lot of ground. Smaller handhelds suit specific areas where you know there are lost treasures.

Other considerations are the weight and comfort levels, especially if your kid has limited mobility due to age or disability.


4. Sand scoop

The sand scoop is a really helpful tool for kid detectorists. The best thing about it is that you can use it to find coins in the water, especially at the beach or by the lakeside where they are more likely to be found.

It’s shaped like an hourglass and has two parallel handles on either side of a large opening with a small hole at the bottom end. When using this type of metal detector, scoop up some sand and shake back and forth until any foreign objects fall out.

Then, you can continue looking for your target metals buried underground or underwater!

Metal detectors come equipped with various features that adapt to different terrains, i.e., beaches versus grassy fields. Kids will have fun exploring what each one does differently than the other.


5. Headphones

Headphones are optional, but they can be helpful for kids because metal detectors produce an electromagnetic field that the search coil picks. They make the metal detecting interesting and could even play some soft background music.

Metal detector headphones also help keep focused while reducing disturbance for other people around. No one wants to keep hearing sharp beeping sounds every time a kid discovers a coin lost in the sand.


6. Conductivity and sensitivity

The two most important features of a metal detector are its conductivity and sensitivity levels. It can’t detect conductive metals like gold, silver, copper, or lead unless you set it to detect them specifically with high sensitivities. It makes for an exciting treasure hunt!

Kids need to understand what these terms mean so they can start their search in the right place at the right time for success!”


Best Metal Detector for Kids Reviews

1. National Geographic Junior Metal Detector

The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is a great gift for kids that want to explore the world. This kit includes everything they need to start, from an instruction manual and handbook with illustrations of common finds to a handy carrying pouch and search coil.

The detector has sensitivity control settings that suit it for beginners and experts alike. It also features volume controls, so you don’t have to raise your voice when searching close to others.



  • Detection range up to 12″ (30cm) deep
  • Adjustable sound level – low tone, high tone, and pulse detection mode
  • Volume switches on both earpieces
  • Long-lasting battery life – lasts about 20 hours on a single charge
  • Adjustable sensitivity control



Friendly to beginners and experts, with adjustable tone settings – low, high, or pulse detection mode. Thus, you can adjust the sound level to your comfort.

The volume switches on both earpieces let you turn down the detector when someone is talking to you. Its battery life lasts 20 hours on one charge, meaning you can go for long weekend treasure hunts without running out of power.

Adjustable sensitivity control lets beginners set it at a lower setting. You can scale up the settings when your kid gets used to detecting objects from different distances and locations.

For experts, the option of scaling sensitivity means finding the buried treasure will be easier.



  • Battery operated (requires two AAA batteries not included)
  • Ages 15+ years
  • Maximum depth 12″ (30cm)


2. National Geographic Pro Series

The National Geographic Pro Series Metal detector is a great device for kids14 years old and up. It features an easy-to-read LCD, one-touch operation, and superior ground balancing.



  • One-touch operation

Easy to operate with just the press of a button!


  • Superior Ground Balancing

It ensures precise search results by isolating unwanted metal or mineral signals that cause interferences. This feature is important when detecting salt-water environments.

Some metals aren’t detectable because they are similar in conductivity to saltwater minerals like magnesium sulfate (MgSO) and potassium chloride (KCl.)


  • Easy Battery Accessibility

The battery tray slides out easily from underneath the unit, making it quick and simple to change the battery.



The LCD is easy to read, even in low light conditions! It also features a one-touch operation and a superior ground balancing system that ensures accurate detection results every time.

Its ease-of-use means your child can start detecting objects right away without needing any much training. The one-touch button also makes for simple operation!

Its super lightweight design makes carrying around this metal detector much easier compared to what the market offers. It features easy-to-press oversized buttons, and little hands can’t accidentally press them either.

The only thing I don’t like about this series is that it doesn’t offer a carrying bag. But if you’re buying this as a gift for your child, I’m sure they’ll love hunting treasures and exploring the world around them anyway!


3. Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Cool Kit (Ages 4 to 8 years)

This metal detector is for kids. It has a simple and easy-to-use design that teaches the basics of metal finding while still being entertaining. The Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Cool Kit features an ergonomic shape with grip and two-tone audio feedback to indicate when you’ve located something.

Its size also allows it to be easily stored in a jacket pocket or bag pack so your child can take it on any outdoor adventure!


The toy comes with three parts:

  1. The electronic probe with controls for sensitivity
  2. The volume control button that also serves as the power switch
  3. Indicator lights (the waterproof coil cover that protects against water damage)


Additionally, there’s one core handle strap used to secure the device to the child’s wrist.


The Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Cool Kit is a great metal detector for kids because:

  • It has an easy-to-use design.
  • It comes in a variety of colors from which to choose.
  • It provides helpful feedback such as two-tone audio tones that indicate when you’ve located something!


This metal detector features various practical components, like a waterproof coil cover and ergonomic shape with grip. More importantly, it includes three core handle straps, so your kids can safely carry their devices while on an adventure outside!

This practical toy also comes with indicator lights, which show whether or not it’s powered and the sensitivity rate.

Which kid doesn’t love finding treasures? With the Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Cool Kit, your child will have ample opportunity to search for coins and jewelry. It’s the ideal metal detector to give kids!


4. Nokta Makro MIDI Hoard (under 10 years old)

Get this creative and eye-catching metal for all ages so that your kids enjoy their next adventures!

The Nokta Makro MIDI Hoard Metal Detector is a gift for all ages. It has a lot of features that can assist you in finding treasures and coins with ease.

It’s made from high-quality items, from its search coil, shaft, handle, and knob.

Its waterproof design lets you use it while taking part in water sports or attending the beach!

This detector also applies multi-frequency technology. There’s no need to worry about interference by other metals like aluminum cans while detecting gold and silver on beaches. Such cans are always lying around, partially buried.

This detector presents many benefits to treasure hunters, including kids too! For starters, it has a high-quality search coil to help your kid find lost coins and jewelry.

It also features an ergonomic design, so kids can feel comfortable using this detector for hours on end!

The metal detector is lightweight, easy to use, and includes many accessories. Its headphones or earphones are great for kids who want their hunting kits all to themselves.

However, I don’t like it when kids are out on their own. I’d recommend you bring them along or have your children search in groups of two, so they can stay safe!

All in all, this is a perfect product for any child looking for treasure!


5. Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector has a powerful search head that measures 12.75″ inches and suits kids under the age of ten years old or adults who are small in stature. With its ergonomic design, you can adjust its shaft to suit your comfort level with ease!

The Garrett ACE 200 includes many practical features like:

  • It offers an adjustable handle height so you can use it comfortably, whatever your size!
  • A high-quality coil made from true alloys (copper) to better detect precious metals such as gold and silver faster than other coils on the market today!
  • Sensitive ground balance and discrimination to help you find even tiny treasures!
  • A control knob also serves as the power switch.


This metal detector is lightweight and made for kids of all ages (under ten years old). It has an indicator light, so your child can tell when it’s powered or off without having to check a battery level meter.

The Garrett ACE 200 Metal Detector includes a coil cover that protects against water damage in bad weather conditions during their treasure hunting adventures.

Kids will love this metal detector. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


6. RM RicoMax GC-1037

The RicoMax GC-107 is a high-quality, versatile metal detector that’s perfect for any child! It features many components to make the treasure hunt easy and fun.

This product has an adjustable handle height, so kids of all sizes can use it with ease!


It also comes with four preset frequencies:

  • Beach mode

It’s great for finding coins on beaches.


  • General hunting mode

It’s suitable for most places like parks or forests.


  • Saltwater mode

It finds metals in the sea.


  • Gold Mode

It detects precious metals such as jewelry.


With this detector, your child will find everything they’re looking for quickly and easily!

Kids about nine years old or more can enjoy hours of hunting adventures with their new toy. This metal detector is lightweight and straightforward for children to handle.


The RicoMax GC-107 Metal Detector includes many other features such as:

  • A high-quality search coil consisting of true alloys (copper)

To detect gold and silver faster than before


  • Sensitive ground balance

To find even tiny treasures!


  • An easy on/off knob

For power control – it also serves as the ON light indicator when turned on/ off.

Kids will love this metal detector because of its practicality and ease of use!


In conclusion, any child who wants to explore their surroundings with treasure hunting adventures can do so, thanks to this great product! With fun accessories like headphones or earphones, they’ll be able to keep themselves entertained, and you can adventure alongside them.

They’ll be hunting for treasure in no time!


7. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger metal detector is an excellent option for any kid aged six years or older. This machine has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to hold in your hand all day. No strain, no pain, just fun!

It only weighs one pound and boasts awesome features, including:

  • One amp circuit breaker
  • Three sensitivity modes (for different types of metals)
  • Digital ground balance control knob with auto mode button for tuning out difficult grounds
  • A double D coil for optimal detection range when used at either high frequencies or low frequencies; detects more than just coins and jewelry
  • Two-tone audio discrimination capabilities using both horizontal & vertical audio modes
  • The Gold Digger has a lightweight design and is only 17″ x 12.75″
  • An LED target indicator, which gives you the approximate depth of the object
  • Waterproof coil cover to protect against moisture, plus it floats on water!


The Bounty Hunter gold digger metal detector for kids offers many great benefits, but some drawbacks are that this unit does not have automatic tracking. But it doesn’t matter if you’re just out-detecting coins or jewelry in shallow waters.

For those who want more advanced options, like finding treasures at depths up to six feet deep, then you should consider investing in a model with automatic tracking capabilities.

But even with these minor flaws, there’s no denying that the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is a great machine for any kid who wants to start detecting!


8. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is a perfect starter metal detector for children. It features an easy-to-use control panel with just two large buttons that indicate how to turn on the metal detector and its activated mode.

The junior comes with headphones, earbuds, a carrying bag, a pinpointer probe, and a locator coil cord. This lightweight machine weighs less than three pounds, so kids can easily carry it around all day long.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector has all the features of expensive models wrapped in an easy-to-use package.

It’s perfect for beginners, with headphones to hear the discrimination signals that help find coins, jewelry, and historic artifacts.

It’s a well-made practical toy that is fun to use while delivering the effectiveness of a professional machine. This model will last your kids years, so they can keep up their search even after they outgrow their beginner-level needs.

This metal detector for kids is one of my favorites, and I recommend it (for ages 6 – 12) because of its:

  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life (up to 20 hours)
  • Lightweight design, which makes it perfect for kids
  • The instructional DVD/Video to show them how it works


The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is a great starter detector that will last your child years.


9. Dr. Otek Junior

Dr. Otek Junior is a great metal detector for kids getting into the hobby of treasure hunting without 100% commitment. It’s lightweight and easy to use. Thus, it works as both an introduction to this pastime and just a fun way to spend time with family outdoors.

This kid’s metal detector is the perfect ingredient for fun while on vacation or at home in your backyard. The adjustable flashlight means you can use it even when there’s low light outside.

It means you can do well during evening hunts – if you have neighbors who might hear all the noise from other detectors!


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Adjustable Flashlight
  • Great Starter Detector (or Fun Hobby)
  • Works in Low Light Conditions



Metal detectors come in various styles, but the Dr. Otek Junior is one for younger kids. It’s primarily lightweight and adjustable to fit growth spurts as they happen.

Additionally, it has an onboard flashlight for low light conditions – which can be helpful when there are neighbors nearby!


Tips and common questions about kids Metal Detectors

The average cost for kids’ detectors

The average cost for kids’ metal detectors varies, but most are around $40. However, observe the screenshots that I took from Amazon. The most highly rated metal detectors for kids on Amazon cost between $56 and $103. Some kids’ detectors cost as low as $25, and they have limited features.

It’s easy to purchase a detector that’ll be just the right size and capability for your child’s age and skill level.


Are Cheap Metal Detectors Any Good for the kids?

Cheap metal detectors are a great way to introduce children to this hobby safely and inexpensively. They are usually less expensive, which makes them an attractive purchase for the beginner. It suits you; especially if you’re unsure your kids will keep up with the detecting hobby.

Cheap detectors could be poor-quality models that don’t work properly without constant adjustment or help from someone more experienced with metal detectors. They could also have smaller coils designed to find small jewelry items, not larger objects like coins and rings.

Thus, you might miss out on some finds!

Some cheap detectors can’t handle moisture well either. If your detector gets wet, it could short circuit electronics inside the unit, causing damage beyond what’s immediately noticeable by visual inspection.

So, think twice before purchasing one of these cheap metal detectors.

I would avoid cheap purchases altogether if I wasn’t looking for a detector that’ll be used exclusively by children. A more expensive model is usually better quality and designed to work well with adults and kids too.

It could even be a pro model with features customized for kids!

Consider purchasing a cheaper toy version instead, like our Fisher-Price Metal Detector, if you:

  • Prefer an inexpensive way to introduce your child to detecting.
  • Need something temporary until they can get one of their own.


Don’t buy anything too cheaply made because what goes around comes around when it’s time for repairs!


Are Kids’ Detectors Just Toys or Real Machines?

Kids’ detectors are now popular in the market for children. Some parents are wondering if it’s suitable to buy kids’ detectors. Others are asking if the detectors are toys or real machines, concerned they aren’t powerful enough. The kids would still need adult help.

First, let us clear our minds by defining what “real” means? In this context, it refers to devices with practical use. In contrast, toys don’t have an effective practical use.

After some research, I found out from experts that kids’ detectors are more toys than machines. The main reasons are their small sizes and practical limitations.

They can’t detect anything deeply buried or metal objects less than an inch thick.


What can you expect kids’ metal detectors to find?

You can expect metal detectors for kids to find much less than professional metal detectors find lost underground. Kids metal detectors can only find coins, small objects, and sometimes, larger metal items.

Therefore, when using a kids’ metal detector be sure to keep your expectations low to avoid getting disappointed if the search yields nothing.

When it comes time for children’s birthday parties or other occasions where there’s an expectation of treasure hunting with their friends, parents should set limits on what they want them to find and how much ground they’ve to cover before declaring success or failure.

It’ll take patience because these types of detectors can’t detect junk metals like copper and aluminum, which can fool adults into piles of trash for precious gold! The best advice I could offer would be to limit each child’s area by marking out large rectangles.

Alternatively, you could mark out an area that’s been pre-screened for ‘treasures.’


Can They Detect Gold?

Answers to this question vary, but the answer is usually a resounding no. The gold in jewelry and coins usually mix with other metals like silver. Thus, kids can’t easily detect it.

But metal detectors for children or adults can find bits of more pure gold. It would happen if someone were wearing an earring with some scrapes on it.

When you’re looking for small pieces of raw gold, a detector will have much better luck picking up those signals than if they are hidden inside larger objects. It depends on the metal and its purity.


Can they work on Beach or in Freshwater?

Yes, kids’ metal detectors can work on the beach and in freshwater, but the cheapest models could easily short circuit in water. The best metal detectors for kids are waterproof up to impress depths of water.

Some models are even specialized to work in salty waters. If you’ve read some of the reviews above, you can tell that some waterproof metal detectors for kids cost just $50.


How quick will these kids’ detectors stop fitting your kid’s age?

These metal detectors for kids are designed with different size adjustment capabilities, and you can find one that fits your kid’s age. Some can last your kid from 5-12 years, most range from 9-16 years, while others suit adults and kids alike.

The cheaper your purchase, the faster the detector will stop fitting your kid’s age.



I can’t emphasize enough how rewarding it is to introduce your kids to this fun hobby. I’ve done a neat review of some of the most popular and best metal detectors for kids. Get them the gift that keeps on giving!

You never know that a $68 kids’ detector could find relics worth over $3,000 in the 4-7 years your kid will be treasure hunting. At the very least, it will get the kid to learn history and the psychology of how people do things.

Buy any of the best metal detectors for kids I’ve reviewed. Then, enjoy the beautiful character development that will erupt from the younglings.

The Best Metal Detector for Kids
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