The 12 Best Waterproof Metal Detectors

Many metal detectors are not waterproof, but many new products have entered the market in the last few years that are. I know of several that are designed to resist water up to approximately 10 feet deep, while others are capable of going much deeper. So this is why is essential to know which are the best Waterproof Metal Detectors for you.

The metal detectors that can go deeper than 10 feet were primarily designed for scuba diving, while others were designed for lake and river detection.

The following best metal detectors are both waterproof and rainproof, which means the weather does not affect you in any way.

Some metal detectors are designed to operate in freshwater, while others are developed to function in saltwater. However, this specific blog is about metal detectors that are waterproof.


What Waterproof Metal Detector Types Are Available?

The two metal detector types for underwater activity are:

  •       VLF (very-low-frequency) detectors
  •       PI (pulse induction) detectors


VLF Metal Detectors PI Metal Detectors
Water and damp surfaces are not a problem for VLF metal detectors; however, mineralized ground has a larger impact on the electronics. To make sure that very low frequency metal detectors operate across mineralized surfaces, one may change the sensitivity settings. Jewelry and coins are highly sensitive, but they cannot detect all small pieces of lesser metals.


PI underwater metal detectors operate by transmitting electrical pulses that are unaffected by wet minerals or water. These send out frequent electronic pulses that are responsive to precious metals, allowing them to discover precious metals even when the ground is mineralized or wet. Pulse induction detectors are the best option when searching for deep treasure or on beaches.



Do you have any questions? I am more than happy to assist you. When choosing the best value waterproof metal detector, do not forget about digging equipment, gadgets, and additional quest coils.

You can also read my best metal detector brands list for more information on these items.


Best Waterproof Metal Detector for Beginners

The Minelab Vanquish Series is the best underwater metal detector for a beginner as it does not compromise on performance or break your bank account.

This powerful yet simple device is excellent for anyone looking to start or enhance the metal detecting game. This model makes use of Multi-IQ technology, a collapsible lightweight design, various Find Modes, and other incredible features. Essentially, this is the detector you have been waiting for!


Best Waterproof Metal Detectors for Adults

The Minelab Equinox 800 is a favorite of various adults and expert metal detectorists. The system is intuitive, and it may detect further and provide more possibilities than the Minelab Vanquish and Garrett Ace.

Minelab’s wideband technology is used for ultra-sensitive detecting, and there are four sensing modes to choose between.

These four options include:

  1.     Beach
  2.     Park
  3.     Gold
  4.     Field


It has an approximate 12-hour battery life, can be submerged in water for up to 10 feet, and has wireless headphones included in the pack to assist you with hearing search tones without any distractions.

This detector also includes a pinpointer used for assistance with locating your target from a closer perspective and through mud, depending on the type of kit you purchase.


Best Waterproof Metal Detector for Gold and Silver

The Best Waterproof Metal Detector for Gold

The Garrett ATX Waterproof Deepseeker Package is excellent for finding deep treasure. This option is my top choice as it is an extremely advanced detector.


Garrett ATX Feature Benefit
Unique pulse design Ideal for highly mineralized soil
Extreme sensitivity Helps to find small pieces of gold
Versatility Functions in all conditions and terrain


The Best Underwater Metal Detector for Gold Nuggets

The Minelab X-Terra 505 is built for convenience, easy assembly, and versatility. It features a lightweight, balanced frame that allows you to carry on detecting for extended periods of time.

The coil is ideal for detecting tiny and hidden gold nuggets because it is small and powerful. When you switch between various coil sizes, you can find different-sized gold nuggets at multiple depths.


Best Waterproof Metal Detector for the Beach

Detectorists can find extremely interesting and fascinating items at the beach. The Garrett AT Max waterproof metal detector has an easy-to-follow display and an advanced design which is why it is my top pick for the beach.

A few features include wireless capabilities, advanced saltwater capabilities, rugged construction, and a back-lit display. It is an extremely popular beach detector with four different search modes.


Best Lightweight Waterproof Metal Detector

Are you looking for something lightweight? The Teknetics Delta 4000 is an excellent option! For more accurate target detection, the Delta has Notch functionality, numerical Target-ID, and one-touch Pinpoint Mode.

Discrimination and all Metal Modes are available, and an efficient visual bar graph depth tracker. With more functions than any other device in its category, it is simple to use.

It is no surprise that this is Teknetics’ best-selling lightweight product and has been for several years. Do not miss out on your chance to discover your hidden treasure.


Best Underwater Metal Detector for Scuba Diving

The Nokta PulseDive Underwater Metal Detector could be the perfect addition to your scuba diving and detector equipment!

This 2-in-1 set is ideal to add to your gear or collection, whether you are a skilled scuba diver, going on a holiday, or merely a metal detectorist who enjoys searching both underwater and on land!

Purchase your detector today so you can expand your underwater experiences.


Garrett Waterproof Metal Detector

Many professionals began their detector career with a Garrett ACE 250, which is not too heavy to transport or overly complicated.

The Garrett underwater metal detector contains:

  •       Notch discrimination – a feature that lets you pick which types of metals to target
  •       Five additional search modes
  •       A waterproof search coil with a nine-inch depth, making it ideal for training on sandy beaches, for example.


If the price range is out of your budget, the Garrett Ace 150 offers many similar characteristics at a slightly lower cost.


Handheld Underwater Metal Detector

If you are looking for a handheld detector, the Vulcan 360 Pinpointer is an excellent option. It features 360° scan detection on the upper and lower sections of the detection rod, five sensitivity modes, and a built-in wave pulse audio indicator.

It is easy to use, and there is no need to tune it due to it being designed to be completely automated. Turn the device on, and after a self-automated balancing test, you are ready to find those secret treasures.

The Vulcan 360 is water-resistant and splash-proof. Hence, it can be used in damp environments, but it cannot be completely submerged. The probe is the section of the device that is intended to go underwater.


KKmoon Underwater Metal Detector

The KKmoon underwater metal detector includes:


Communication via light and vibrations

LED light symbol indicators and vibrations signify the presence of any metallic substances.


PI technology

Enables hunting in salt water or on any land, which includes black sand.


Resilience of detector depth

Advanced electronics ensure that you maintain detector distance throughout the battery’s existence.


Goal differentiating

The speed of the light and vibration pulses increases as one gets closer to the treasure or target.


Automated tuning

The cutting-edge microprocessor-controlled architecture does not need any changes.


Best Waterproof Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 underwater metal detector has an 8-inch waterproof detector coil and is ideal for extracting metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, steel, and iron.

It is powered by a pair of 9V alkaline batteries that allow it to continuously detect treasures for an extended period. The detector’s knob control system is easy to read, particularly when considering the equipment’s three operational modes.

You can use the notch control to differentiate between undesirable metallic materials and helpful deposits, which is simple due to the rugged construction of this underwater metal detector.


Best Underwater Metal Detector Under $200 (Inexpensive Detector)

The Fisher F11 best value waterproof metal detector is a dependable and affordable option that is easy to use due to the depth provided and the assistance of target ID.

The simple operating system makes it ideal for beginners. You can find this device for only $159.95 on Amazon!


Pros and Cons of Each Underwater Metal Detector

Device Pros Cons
Minelab Vanquish Series Comfortable, effective, and simple It does not have a basic design
Minelab Equinox 800 Completely submersible for 10 feet Headphones are not waterproof
Garrett ATX There is an excellent depth capability It is extremely expensive.
Minelab X-Terra 505 The screen is large and simple to read Certain signals are confusing
Garrett AT Max It has excellent ground balance options It has a single frequency
Teknetics Delta 4000 Learning how to use the device is not challenging Headphones are not included
Nokta PulseDive The device is 2-in-1 The mechanism does get stuck at times
Garrett ACE 250 The device is designed well It does not have the best balance features
Vulcan 360 It is lightweight It is not completely submersible
KKmoon There are useful signals Does not contain a manual
Bounty Hunter TK4 It is adjustable, lightweight, and easy to use You may have to adjust a few settings to avoid any false positive readings
Fisher F11 It is light and easy to use Adjustable ground balance is not included


How to Use an Underwater Metal Detector

I’ve found that detecting metal in water requires specific techniques.

You can use a detector by doing the following:

  1.     It is essential to mark any targets you discover as quickly as possible. The most straightforward method is to position one of your feet behind the mark and keep it there until you dig up the item.
  2.     Locate the scoop in front of your foot that marks the area and try to get a deeper scoop of sand until you have marked the region of interest.
  3.     Test the space with the detector once again without loading or filtering the sand in the pick.
  4.     If the item is still there, empty the scoop and refill it with sand.


The Best Underwater Metal Detecting Tips

If you want to make the most out of your underwater treasure hunt, I’d suggest you apply the following tips:

  1. Choose useful device accessories.
  2. Research and use the correct settings on your detector.
  3. Make use of the ideal techniques.
  4. Search in favorable locations
  5. Timing is key!
  6. Find shallow waters to detect in
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