Garrett Metal Detector Reviews

With a metal detector, you can easily find anything, from lost jewelry to lost coins. Further, you can have a fun time at the beach during one of your vacations, with metal detecting as an activity to venture into. In need of a high-quality metal detector? The Garrett Brand is here to serve your needs. Garrett has established dominance in the metal detecting industry in manufacturing superb metal detection products. The company has an excellent reputation in the market, with it being in business for over the last five decades.

Choosing a Garrett detector is a perfect decision. These easy-to-use metal detectors are worth every penny you purchase them for. Below, I have a list of Garrett detectors that will provide you with exceptional services.


Best Overall

Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

The Garrett AT MAX is here to impress you! To state, this model has 175 points of resolution to handle conductive soils, particularly in salty water beaches and mineralized grounds. Considering the detector has a frequency of 13.6 kHz, it offers great detection on a variety of targets like coins, gold jewelry, and brass relics.

AT MAX includes an inbuilt wireless technology for audio transmission to your headphones. Due to auto-pairing, you need not worry about interruption from other wireless devices. Furthermore, I found that the detector has a backlight that illuminates the LCD screen for easy visibility in low-light areas.

Another impeccable feature that I enjoyed in the Garrett AT MAX is the automatic ground balance. This maintains the detector on ground balance to assist in overcoming localized variations on the ground.

Once you reduce subtle ground responses, the ground balance feature smoothens audio and detects the faintest of targets.

Incorporated with eight sensitivity adjustments, you can alter the levels to your preference as you locate your target. Although this model is more suitable for dry land detecting, it is applicable underwater to a depth of 3 meters.

It’s worth mentioning the detector has an electronic pinpointing system that precisely locates lost items and enables speedy recovery.



  • It can be used on dry land and in fresh water
  • It is a durable and versatile metal detector
  • Locates small items in great depths



  • The pinpoint indicator scale is hard to see
  • Only compatible with AA batteries


Best Budget

Garrett ACE 300 Detector

If you are working with a budget, I believe Garrett ACE 300 is the perfect balance of performance and price. This model provides the greatest value, which is at a lower price.

You would expect a detector with a variety of features such as notch discrimination, coin depth pointer, and a numerical target ID to be expensive, but that’s not it with Garrett ACE 300.

Since the detector has an electronic pinpointing, I was able to exactly locate the position of a target I was looking for. This detector comes in handy in areas where targets are in iron trash, as you can easily access your treasure with the increased resolution of iron discrimination.

The detector also includes an adjustable frequency to eliminate interference from electronic sources or other metal detectors.

Moreover, this model has a graphic target analyzing feature. So, you can identify the conductivity and discrimination pattern of a target. The digital target ID with a numerical identification scale ranging from 0 to 99 detects a metal’s conductivity.

Free accessories such as ClearSound headphones, environmental cover-up, and a 7” by 10” submersible search coil cover accompany the Garrett ACE 300 detector.

Noteworthily, if you are a beginner, this is the best choice for a Garrett metal detector. This model is an excellent option for jewelry recovery, coin search, and dry beach hunting.



  • Available at a cheap price
  • Better sensitivity on low conductivity targets such as gold
  • It can be used on dry land and in water
  • It is portable and easy to use



  • It lacks iron audio which is present in many models


Best Runner Up

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

I can attest to you the Garrett AT Pro is the ultimate metal detector in the market. Not to mention, it provides great value at a very fair price.

For starters, the detector comes with the new MS-2 headphones with comfortable headbands and ear cushions. Thus, you can control the volume to your liking to enhance weak signals.

What’s more, Garrett AT Pro includes 40 levels of discrimination for a fine resolution required to separate a target from the garbage.

Further, I was impressed by the proportional audio response and tonal audio qualities. The detector listens to subtle changes in target’s response to determine conductivity, size, and depth with the two.

Given that it has a digital target ID, the detector recognizes the metal’s conductivity by the numeric identification scale running from 0 to 99.

You can submerge the detector up to a depth of 10 feet, including wet areas, as it is waterproof. Additionally, the metal detector is suitable to use in both fresh and salty waters. With an enhanced frequency, the detector can easily detect small gold nuggets, coins, and relics.

Garrett AT Pro offers an all-terrain adventure with you assured of a fast recovery speed of items. This is the ideal metal detector for use in your patio, lawn, or garden.



  • Fast recovery of lost items
  • Appropriate for use in both salty and freshwaters
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Lightweight, thus you can easily move around with it



  • The LCD screen is relatively small


Are Garrett Metal Detectors Easy To Use?

I am convinced the Garrett metal detectors are the best and easy to use among the different brands specializing in the metal detection industry. Whether you are an amateur, beginner, or a professional in coins, relics, and jewelry hunting, the Garrett detectors are incorporated with impeccable features, fit for your need.

To state, metal detectors of the Garrett brand recover a wide variety of items to great depths of even up to ten feet. Since the detectors are of high-quality multi-frequency technology, you can find your intended target fast and within minutes.

Depending on the Garrett metal detector type, they include different search coils, that is, small, medium, and large.

A search coil simplifies your work because you can maneuver around, through, and in heaps of trash to locate your targets. In addition, the metal detectors are waterproof; hence you can sub immerse in water.

For the Garrett ATX series, the metal detectors feature a pulse indication pointer that offers exemplary performance in prospecting and search of gold. The Garrett Ace series metal detectors are light in weight; thus, you can easily move around and are the easiest to operate.

On the other hand, the Garrett Pro-pointers series metal detectors are ideal for recovering lost items in salty water and highly mineralized ground.

These superior features in the Garrett metal detectors make them easy to use.


Best Garrett Metal Detector for Beginners

Garrett ACE 200 Detector

If you want to start treasure hunting as a hobby today in your backyard, Garrett ACE 200 is definitely it! The detector works flawlessly in finding buried ferrous targets up to 6 feet deep. Notably, this model comes with a 6.5” by 9” water-resistant coil; hence you can submerge in wet conditions when locating your target.

What’s fascinating about the ACE 200 is its digital target ID which incorporates a 0 to 99 scale. As a result, it provides precise target information for a speedy recovery. With the Treasure Sound headphones, you can instantly access audio transmission, enabling simplified detection of coins and jewelry.

A set of camlocks accompanies this detector to allow firm and intensified stem stability. Not only does the pulse-width modulation system enable sharper and more responsive audio transmission, but it also detects faint targets. This Garrett detector is lightweight with an ergonomic design; thus, you move around with ease during your treasure-hunting.

Like the other Garrett models, the ACE 200 uses AA batteries as its power source. Since the package includes an instruction manual, you can quickly assemble the detector. This model is an ideal option for metal detecting in fresh water and dry beach hunting.



  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Available at a relatively cheap price
  • Offers massive performance due to its advanced features
  • Finds small items with ease



  • Not of use in the salty water conditions
  • Compatible with only the AA batteries
  • The headphones in the package lack volume-control


Cost of Garrett Metal Detectors

The Garrett Brand manufactures various metal detectors and sells them at prices ranging from as low as $84 to as high as $722 depending on the features and proficiency in performance.

The following is a list of different Garrett metal detectors and their pricing from Amazon (As of the date of writing the guide):

  • Garrett SuperWand Detector- $133
  • Garrett ACE 300 Detector- $254
  • Garrett ACE 200 Detector- $169
  • Garrett ACE 400 Detector- $339
  • Garrett Pro-Pointer Detector- $127
  • Garrett AT Pro Detector- $552
  • Garrett AT Max Detector- $722
  • Garrett Apex Detector- $424
  • Garrett Ace Profromance- $84


The Ace Profromance Metal Detector is the cheapest among the Garrett models. On the other hand, while researching these prices, I found that the Garrett AT Max is the most expensive metal detector.


Garrett Metal Detector Comparison Chart

A Garrett Ace Detectors Comparison Table

Check the price on Amazon

ACE 400 ACE 300 ACE 200
Iron Audio Yes No No
Iron Discrimination Sections 4 (Different levels the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets) 4 (Different levels the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets) 1 (Level the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets)
Notch Discrimination Adjustable Adjustable Fixed
Search Nodes Five, including pinpoint Five, including pinpoint Three
Adjustments for Sensitivity and Depth (To determine depth to dig out a target) 8 8 4
Digital Target ID Yes Yes Yes
Pinpoint Yes Yes No
Frequency 10kHz, adjustable 8kHz, adjustable 6.5kHz, fixed
Audio Tone Identification Levels (To detect targets at different distances) 3 3 3
Target Depth Pointer Yes Yes Yes
Search coil 8.5” by 11” DD PROformance 7” by 10” concentric PROformance 6.5” by 9” concentric PROformance
Length (Adjustable) 40” to 53” (1.016m-1.35m) 40” to 53” (1.016m-1.35m) 40” to 53” (1.016m-1.35m)
Total Mass 1.32 kgs 1.27 kgs 1.25 kgs
Power 4 AA 4 AA 4 AA
Battery Condition Pointer Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Two years Two years Two years
One-Touch Treasure Hunting Yes Yes Yes
Camlocks Yes Yes Yes


Garrett AT Metal Detectors Comparison Chart

Check the price on Amazon

Z-Lynk Wireless Technology Yes No No
Backlight Yes No No
Iron Discrimination Sections 44 (Different levels the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets) 44 (Different levels the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets) 40 (Different levels the detector detects ferrous and non-ferrous targets)
True All-Metal System Yes Yes No
Volume Adjustment Yes No No
Notch Discrimination Adjustable Prest (Fixed) Adjustable
Search Modes 4, all Pro Audio 3, all Pro Audio 6 (3 standard, 3 pro)
Proportional Audio Yes Yes Yes
Standard Binary Audio No No No
Fast Recovery Speed Yes Yes Yes
Adjustments for Sensitivity and Depth (To determine depth to dig out a target) 8 8 8
Iron Audio (Disc. Modes) Yes Yes Yes
Iron Audio (All Metal Mode) Yes Yes No
Threshold Adjustment Yes Yes No
Digital Target ID Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance (Automatic and Manual) Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance Feature Yes(Automatic) Yes No
Pinpoint Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Yes (Up to a depth of 10 feet) Yes (Up to a depth of 10 feet) Yes (Up to a depth of 10 feet)
Freshwater Use Yes Yes Yes
Salty Water Use Yes No Yes
Frequency 13.6 kHz 18 kHz 15 kHz
Audio Tone Identification Levels (To detect targets at different distances) 3 3 3
Target Depth Pointer Yes Yes Yes
Search Coil 8.5” by 11” PROformance 5” by 8” DD PROformance 8.5” by 11” PROformance
Total Mass 3.03 lbs 2.8 lbs 3.03 lbs
Length 1.09 meters to 1.4 meters 1.09 meters to 1.4 meters 1.09 meters to 1.4 meters
Power 4 AA 4 AA 4 AA
Battery Condition Pointer Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Two years Two years Two years


Best Garrett Metal Detector for Gold

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

Are you searching for the perfect metal detector for gold? Well, I recommend Garrett AT Gold. This powerful, professional detector is the best when it comes to collecting gold nuggets.

Furthermore, the Garrett AT Gold detector is suitable for hunting for coins, cache, relics, and shallow freshwater hunting.

The metal detector functions at a high frequency, making it a great choice for gold prospecting. Due to its All Metal Mode, you can detect gold at the farthest depths and sensitivity.

Again, this detector offers a continuous audio response which enables you to hear detection signals from faint targets.

What’s exceptional about the Garrett AT Gold is the Pinpoint mode which achieves static detection of targets. The detector also includes a Ground Balance Feature for optimization during detection in highly mineralized regions, where gold is usually found.

Considering this model is waterproof, you can sub immerse the detector in freshwaters up to a depth of 10 feet.

Weighing 3.03 lbs, this detector is lightweight hence portable. Plus, this metal detector comes with a dual discrimination mode system. Not only do you gain more tone ID data due to the ‘DISC’ system, but also you can separate unwanted trash targets like nails and foils.



  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Lightweight thus easy to move around with
  • Suitable for use in freshwaters



  • Only appropriate for freshwaters
  • Available at a relatively high price


Alternative to Garett Metal Detectors – First one

Fisher Bug Pro Detector

I can affirm this metal detector from Fisher is one of the unbeatable detectors in gold prospecting. The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is an excellent alternative choice in detecting with its incredible features.

For starters, the detector includes biaxial search coils, which provide tremendous target separation while accessing great depths.

Furthermore, the Bug Pro detector is a pioneer in using a Variable Breakpoint discrimination system, the V-BreakTM. Essentially, you can control the multi-tone audio identification mode in distinguishing various tones, such as high tones of non-ferrite metals like gold.

Additionally, the discrimination merges with the visual identification system. As a result, you can find gold without the need to dig out iron targets. Another fantastic feature of the Gold Bug Pro is the 40-point iron identification range, which distinguishes smaller nails from huge iron objects.

I assure you that you will be impressed at how the 40-point ID range reduces the masking effects of non-ferrous items near ferrous targets.

What’s more, the detector comes with fantastic qualities such as the iron oxide meter and the actual-time display by the Ground Phase system. Not only do these two features examine changes in the soil conditions, but they also indicate the quantity of mineralization present.

Besides gold, the Gold Bug is a magnificent detector in detecting coins and relics.



  • Lightweight hence easy to move around with
  • Easy to use and assemble as compared to Garrett AT Pro
  • Suitable to use in highly mineralized soils



  • The package does not include a set of headphones


Another Optional Alternative

Minelab Gold Monster Detector

For a beginner or an expert in gold prospecting, Minelab Gold Monster should be your top choice. To start with, the detector is fully automatic. Thus, it automatically cancels noise, maintains ground balance, and achieves sensitivity.

Worth mentioning is that the sensitivity mode is in three divisions; manual, auto, and auto+. Again, this detector has a 45 kHz very-low-frequency (VLF) mode and a 24-bit processor. Resultantly, this combination enhances sensitivity to gold over a broad range of nuggets.

The touchpad interface incorporates a gold chance pointer, three detection modes, and adjustable volume levels.

The detection modes come in handy in detecting gold separate from iron and metals immersed in soils deeply. With the six different volume levels, you can adjust the hearing to your preference.

Furthermore, the detector features a waterproof search coil which you can sub-immerse in water up to a depth of three feet. Minelab Gold Monster works with one lithium-ion battery as its power source.

This detector has a discrimination feature with an improved ferrous and non-ferrous identification system which boosts searches in salty soils for exact detection.

You can also adjust the detector to fit your height using the telescoping shaft. Gold Monster 1000 even detects on vast grounds and within confined spaces. That is remarkable, right?



  • Easy to learn and use
  • Appropriate for use in water



  • Available at a relatively expensive price



  1. Are There Garrett Metal Detectors Designed for a Child To Use?

Yes, the Garrett ACE 200 detector is easy to use for all ages, including children. This is an excellent detector to start treasure hunting as a hobby with your child as a parent.


  1. Can I Tell The Difference Between Metals If I Get a Hit?

Yes, you can differentiate between when you get a hit so long you have a metal detector. Since metal detectors vary in frequency and sensitivity, they can detect low, medium, and high metallic conductivity. The digital target ID also enhances this function in metal detectors.


  1. Where Can I Find Garrett Detectors for sale?

You can find Garrett metal detectors for sale on Amazon and eBay websites.


  1. Where Can I Get My Device Repaired?

The Pegasus Industronics offers repair services for metal detectors. In case of a minor fault, you can check on the instruction manual for any corrective actions. Further, you can access Youtube videos that provide step-by-step tutorials on repairing a faulty metal detector.


  1. Where can I Buy Spare Parts?

You can purchase spare parts for your metal detector from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress websites.


  1. What Accessories are Available?

The Garrett metal detectors come with various accessories such as Z-Lynk wireless accessories, recovery tools, search coils, headphones, gears, and backpacks.


  1. What About Pinpointers?

Some Garrett metal detectors include pinpointers in their package, while others do not; in this case, you will need to purchase the pinpointer depending on the Garrett model you are using.

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