How Much Does a Metal Detector Cost?

The value of a metal detector is difficult to define. The various technical specifications included in the design of a particular metal detector play a role in the overall value of a metal detector. Due to this, a metal detector price can range from $200 to thousands of dollars. 


How Much Does the Average Metal Detector Cost?

The average metal detectors cost between $400 and $600 and are designed with excellent features that provide users with the ability to search for various types of metals. These metal detectors are easily accessible through stores like Amazon and Walmart and come at affordable prices.

Here are some of the top-rated average cost metal detectors on the market and the features you can expect from these models:


#1 Garrett ACE 400

This Garrett ACE 400 model is one of the lowest costing average metal detectors on the market and is equipped with many features. The design of this metal detector provides users with the ability to find different treasures at great depths. It features a frequency of 10 kHz and offers a digital target ID, which can display anything on a scale between 0 and 99. 

One of the most well-liked functions of this metal detector is discrimination control. This functionality allows you to modify your search patterns and discard whatever you don’t want to find. Simultaneously, it also features an iron audio function. Thus, you can discard false signals. 


#2 Garrett AT Pro Waterproof Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Pro Waterproof Metal Detector is an excellent machine that is designed for use in any environment. This is because it’s resistant to any environment. In addition to this, it also functions up to three meters deep. Due to this, you can use it in wet terrain and swamps. 

This metal detector holds a frequency of 15 kHz. Not to mention, it also has an LCD screen, which is known as one of its most well-liked features. The versatility offered from this model is catered for all high-resolution iron discriminations and terrain. Adding to this, it features a professional type of audio. Due to this, your chances of finding your desired treasure are higher. You might want more options to choose the right average-priced metal detector for your needs. Here is our best metal detectors listto help make your decision easier. 


What Features Come with Average-Priced Metal Detectors?

Lightweight Frequency Warranty Offered
Yes Above 7 Yes – Typically Five Years

Most of the models have Waterproof Coil, Pre-Set Ground Balance ability.

Also, they have Visual and Audio Target Identification and LCD screen.


What Is the Most Expensive Metal Detector?

The OKM EXP 6000 Professional Plus is the most expensive metal detector you can currently buy. It’s valued at a whopping $31,000 and has many top-quality features included in its design. One of the most astounding features is that it can find treasure up to 25 meters deep. This machine is equipped for gold prospecting, cavity detection, and all types of treasure hunting. 

This metal detector is equipped with a magnetometer, ground scan, mineral scan, pinpointer (a handheld metal detector that works best in conjunction with a full-sized metal detector for more accurate detections), live stream, and tunnel scan. It has been the machine that uncovered multiple tunnels, cavities, and treasure chests. 

This expensive detector is entirely wireless and is designed to be controlled through a touch screen, Android tablet PC, or Android video eyeglasses. Due to its design, it’s the world’s first 3D ground scanner that utilizes a telescopic probe.

This metal detector features different layouts, a touch screen with a multilingual graphical user interface (with 12 different languages), and a full-color display. With that being said, this model is a heavy investment that weighs 4.85 pounds and isn’t waterproof. 


Alternative Expensive Models

It’s no secret that $31,000 can be far too much even for the most devoted metal detectorist. Expensive models range in price but most fall under $1,000 and offer similar features. One of these models is the Garrett AT Max Deepseeker Metal Detector. This detector is considered the all-terrain monster and offers exceptional features. 

It’s designed with outstanding built-in Z-Lynk transmission technology. In addition to this, it also comes equipped with an automatic ground balance with 175 resolution points. Not to mention, it has a good maximum depth and excellent frequency. However, you might need more options to help you choose the right metal detector for your needs. If this is the case, we have a list of the 10 best metal detectors kits for you to look through. 


What Features Come with Expensive Metal Detectors?

  • Manual or Automatic Ground Balance
  • Waterproof Coil: most models
  • Operating Frequency: Above 8
  • Pre-Set Ground Balance: most models
  • Warranty Offered: Yes – Typically Five Years
  • True Coin Depth Reading
  • Non-Motion, Notch Discrimination, and Pinpoint Mode: most models
  • Visual and Audio Target Identification


What is the Cheapest Metal Detector?

The Fisher F22 is one of the most affordable options currently on the market that offers high-quality features you can expect from more expensive models. One of the first features that consumers generally like about this metal detector is the lightweight design that allows you to carry it for extended periods without getting tired. It weighs 2.3 lbs and is durable, well-balanced, and has a waterproof coil. 

In addition to this, it also has ‘Iron Audio,’ which provides you with the ability to adjust the volume coming from ferrous targets to help you locate your desired targets instead. Not to mention, it has full numerical target ID, pre-set notch discrimination patterns, 10 sensitivity levels, and a depth indicator. 


What Features Come with Cheap Metal Detectors?

Lightweight Waterproof Coil  Frequency
Yes Some models Rare to find anything above 7

They don’t have  Pre-Set Ground Balance and Discriminate & All-Metal Modes are rare.

But, they do have Visual and Audio Target Identification, LCD Screen (without waterproof functionality).

Also, most of them have a warranty, typically for two years.


What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Metal Detector?

Several considerations need to be made before purchasing a metal detector.

These include:

  1. Where are you going to use the detector? 
  2. How often are you going to use your detector?
  3. How much have you budgeted to spend on this detector? 
  4. Are you the only person who is going to use this detector? 
  5. What brand of metal detector would you like?
  6. Are you unfamiliar with the various metal detector brands on the market?


Don’t worry, we have the 15 best metal detector brands list to help you choose your favorite one. 

From here, you can decide the range you’re likely to spend on your metal detector and the features you wish to include in the design of the metal detector model. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can cheap metal detectors find gold? 

Despite what many dealers say, you can’t use a cheap metal detector to locate a gold nugget. The vast majority of gold nuggets found over the years have been relatively small, at under one gram in size. Due to this, you require an ultra-sensitive detector to find these gold nuggets. These ultra-sensitive metal detectors require frequencies above seven kHz, which is rare to find in cheaper models. 


What different types of metal detectors do you get?

You get two types of metal detectors, which are:

Walkthrough metal detectors – are the type of metal detectors you commonly find in security searches. These detect metallic objects on individuals when they pass through these detectors, which as weapons and knives. 

Handheld metal detectors – are the instruments used to detect the presence of metal in a specific location. These metal detectors are used to locate hidden metal within objects or buried underground. These metal detectors are equipped with a sensor probe that can be swept over the ground. 


How much does a really good metal detector cost?

Investing in a really good metal detector can set you back by anything from $500 to $10,000. When looking for a really good quality metal detector, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the sensitivity and frequency offered by the model. 


How much does a Metal Detector cost at Walmart?

Walmart offers a wide array of metal detectors to choose from, including bounty hunter gold metal detectors, Barska metal detectors, and metal detectors directly linked for children. All of these prices vary and start from $30 and move to thousands of dollars. 


What is the price of metal detectors on Amazon?

Like Walmart, Amazon offers a wide variety of metal detectors to choose from and at varied prices. When searching Amazon, you can find suitable options from $100 to thousands of dollars. 


What is the process involved in using a metal detector?

  1.   Metal detectors are designed to transmit magnetic fields that are disturbed by a metallic object. 
  2.   This sets off an audio or light signal. 
  3.   The X-ray scanners use pulse energy to penetrate specific objects, which are known on a color monitor. This indicates when an object has been detected. 
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