10 Best Metal Detectors for 200 Dollars

Do you dream about finding hidden treasures like I do? Then, becoming a metal-loving hobbyist might be the right thing for you.

However, you’re going to need the proper metal detector to get started because: 

  • They tell you the exact location of the item.
  • They are specifically suited to the conditions synonymous with the hobby.
  • They make the process fun when they do the job well.


Best Metal Detectors for 200 Dollars – My Top Picks

If you want to buy the right gear, you need a well-informed listing of the most optimal types of metal detectors. Here are my top picks under the $200 price point.


Top 10 Metal Detectors You Can Get With 200 Dollars or Less

1. Fisher Research Labs F11

The Fisher Research Labs F11 has several special features you might find useful for your metal hunt. Powered with a 9V battery, it has three functioning modes, a useful design, and a waterproof search engine.

Pros Cons
The three modes allow you to customize what you’re looking for It’s not perfectly accurate, which is why it’s most useful if you only want to find large items
You can use it to find different kinds of desirable materials

This model by Fisher has been tested by many customers, and lots of them agree that it’s user-friendly and handy if you have specific things to look for.


2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

If you’re looking for a useful model, I suggest you check out Bounty Hunter’s TK4 Tracker IV. Besides the base metal detector, you can get a bundle with a bag, pinpointer, and other accessories.

The TK4 Tracker IV by Bounty Hunter works with movement, and it’s made to endure harsh weather. Here are some pros and cons:

Pros Cons
It distinguishes between metals and unwanted litter It can give you some false positives if you don’t know how to set it up
It’s very balanced and effective It’s tricky to use for some beginners, and can take them a couple of hours to understand the basics of it


Here a video of unboxing and assembly the Tracker IV:


3. White’s Coinmaster

With White’s Coinmaster, you are going to see the relics appear on the screen. Apart from the indication, it also tells you how deep you need to dig. Here are the ups and downs to consider:

Pros Cons
If you set it up correctly on the pinpoint/all-metal setting, you are going to find objects almost instantly It’s not always accurate. For example, it could indicate a specific material, only for you to find something else
The box is water-resistant Beginners might have to spend extra time learning how to use it
The assembly process is easy for beginners
NOTE: Garett announced acquisition of certain assets of White’s Electronics, and therefor, White's had announced the suspension of operations on June 18, 2020.


4. Garrett ACE 200

Just like other Garret Electronics metal detectors, the Garret ACE 200 can be your ally in finding the hidden treasures you may have in your backyard. Check out its pros and cons here:

Pros Cons
It has three search modes and four sensitivity modes The coil is waterproof, but the display is not, so you must be careful around sources of moisture.
It has a depth indicator
It comes with cam locks, a search coil, and even batteries!

Users say that the ACE 200 is one of the best options on the market if you want to start the metal-detection hobby without spending more than $200. I’m inclined to agree as it’s accurate, discriminates properly, and includes everything you could wish for!


5. Teknetics Delta 4000

The Teknetics’ Delta 4000 is one of the easiest metal detectors to use that you are going to find on the market. I recommend it for those who are just learning and want to enjoy some success at the initial stage.

Pros Cons
It has a big LCD screen that it’s easy to read It’s not waterproof
The battery lasts for more than 24 hours
It discriminates well with all the metal modes
It hits targets at more than 8 inches deep
Beginners can learn how to use it quickly

People who have used this mention that it’s very accurate, user-friendly, lightweight, and that the battery seems to last forever.


6. Tesoro Compadre

You might not know, but Tesoro metal detectors are very popular. The Compadre model offers a varied feature set – it can sense very small targets, it can find treasures even 6 inches deep, and it has a precise discrimination system. Here are some pros and cons I think you should consider:

Pros Cons
It has an unmatched discrimination ability, so it rarely overloads You need to either have prior knowledge or do enough research before using it so you understand how it works
It’s extremely accurate Its depth level isn’t as extensive as other models

Most people who buy the Tesoro Compadre end up as happy clients. It’s a fantastic model that offers you a lot for an inexpensive price point.


7. Quest X5

The battery-powered Quest X5 is one of the most famous models in the $200 price range. This model is very handy, especially because it’s extremely lightweight, so you are not going to feel a sore arm after hours of looking around.

The unit is also famous with its users because of its endurance. The model can resist lots of different weather conditions because it’s meant for you to have uninterrupted search session. Thanks to a waterproof blade coil, you can even use it in the rain.

Sadly, some customers complain that the assembly instructions aren’t clear. Much of this is because the font size makes them difficult to read.

Therefore, this model is not as user-friendly as other metal detectors. Here are all the pros and cons in a nutshell:

Pros Cons
It’s lightweight It’s not very user-friendly
It endures all types of weather conditions


Here a short video about the X5 and X10 from Quest metal detectors:


8. Minelab Go-Find 40

Minelab is one of the most famous brands to look under to find different types of metal detectors. The Go-Find 40 is, by far, a perfect representation of everything the brand gives its customers.

Pros Cons
It discriminates well Beginners must be very patient because they need to learn how to properly use it
It’s accurate
It’s user-friendly

The setup is not going to take longer than a couple of minutes, and after a bit of learning, you’re all set to start searching your surroundings efficiently!


9. Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

The Discovery 3000 by Bounty Hunter is characterized by being a top option under $200. Here are some of the things to bear in mind if you’re thinking about getting one.

Pros Cons
It’s waterproof You should be a serious hobbyist if you want to buy it because it’s not very easy to assemble
It can find objects up to three feet deep
It has four operating modes

If you buy the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3000, you can search objects for hours effectively. The battery lasts long and it’s lightweight, so your arm is not going to feel sore. However, you may take some time learning how to operate it.

Watch this instruction and how-to video about the Discovery 3300 to get more insights about it:


10.  Treasure Cove TC-3020

Treasure Cove TC-3020 is another incredible model you can get with a $200 budget. With this one, you can easily find iron objects, thanks to its true discrimination mode and auto-control features. By using the intuitive LCD display, you can simplify your time finding treasures.

Pros Cons
It’s waterproof Signals are not very strong
The readout screen is large and you can use it to find different metals It can be difficult to calibrate for a beginner


Here an instruction video of the Treasure Cove TC-3020:

Also, you could elaborate more with this review video on the TC-3020: 


So, What Is the Best Metal Detector up to $200?

If you only have $200 to buy a metal detector, my best metal detectors list should be very helpful in helping you pick the best option.

Here are my suggestions under a few subcategories:


Best Metal Detector in the $200 Range

This one goes to the Garret ACE 200, which is a little under $20. Its build quality and feature set make it a great option.


Best Metal Detector under $200 Dollars

The best one in this category is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV, which is around $100. It can do the job perfectly and it’s ideal for people who don’t want to spend much money.


What’s the Best Entry-level Metal Detector?

In this area, I believe the Teknetics’ Delta 4000 is the best option. It’s extremely user-friendly, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner.


Best Metal Detector under $200 for Coins

Here, the prize goes to the Compadre due to its discrimination skills and accuracy. What better unit to use to pinpoint coins?


Best Underwater Metal Detector under $200

The Discovery 3000 by Bounty Hunter is waterproof, so it’s my top pick in this category.


Best Beach Metal Detector under $200

If you’re going to the beach, I suggest the Go-Find 40, which is extremely accurate (even in sandy conditions), durable, and easy to use.


Wrapping Up

Becoming a metal-loving hobbyist is very fun, especially when you know which metal detector to buy based on your needs. Even though it takes a little time to learn and get into initially, it gets easier and more fun.

My best metal detector brands list should help you tremendously too! (you can find it here). Without knowing it, you are going to spend hours searching for hidden relics!

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